Elisabeth Rütsche.

Liebe Kunstfreundin,
Lieber Kunstfreund,

ich freue mich über Ihr Interesse an meinen Bildern. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Auswahl meiner Werke.

Art Review

Dr. Stefanie Lucci
Art Affairs

Your Work from My Perspective

Your work shows your deep engagement with the sources of your inspiration. you have created a dialogue with Kandinsky, Chagall and Klee ( as well as with Gehr, Segantini and Gaugin), which interprets these artists in a singular synthesis. In other words: by engaging these artists in a dialogue, you take the lead in the conversation and substantiate your own language of forms . You particularly seem to focus on the years 1910-1920. You thereby “disarrange” Kandinsky in a certain way and convert his inclination for centering his motives to an “all over” which is more often found with Klee. You thwart direct geometric quotations of shape such as circles, triangles and bars which run as constants through the entire oeuvre of Kandinsky and Klee through organic-dynamic planes that can be found in the oeuvre of Chagall. And similar to Chagall your works tell stories, whereby the narrative can be found in the unfocused elements and the details creating a rather surreal impression due to the numerous overlaps and multilayers. Sometimes you give the impression that personal references are woven in, like an autobiography, which can be read like sequences/excerpts from a diary. Contrary to the above-mentioned artists, you consequently use the collage technique (as it became famous around 1912) especially through Braque and Picasso and which has never lost its actuality to this day. This makes your oeuvre haptic, and tangible, and claims space in our reality. The development of your oeuvre clearly shows the detachment from your artistic icons and the development of your own language of forms which at the same time specifies the quotation and then moves on. What I find especially impressive is the subtle quality of landscape in your oeuvre, which becomes accessible even without the titles. This gives your oeuvre, in combination with the stylistic device of the collage, something unique: the Rütsche signature.

Your works are complex and intelligent, they are fun and put one into a good mood, they move and carry one away. I am curious how this will continue!