Curriculum Vitae

Elisabeth Rütsche

Elisabeth Rütsche, born 1940 in Bern, Switzerland
She works in her own studio in the Bernese Oberland region of Bern in Switzerland

1954Attending convent school in St. Gallen, Switzerland First intensive interest in art and enhancement of her talent
1955Formative contact with Ferdinand Gehr, who is internationally recognized as the most important Swiss church painter of the twentieth century.
1957-60School of Arts and Design in Zurich, Switzerland Focus area: glass painting
1968-72Universities of Zurich, Switzerland and Stuttgart, Germany. Degree in Psychology, specialty C.G. Jung. Engagement with the anthroposophical ideas of Rudolf Steiner.
1974-80Psychological consultation and support of patients suffering from psychological disorders and addictions
1980-84 Working in the studio of a glass painting artist and close friend.
1982-86Private commissions for the clients of two interior designers from Stuttgart, Germany
1992-95 Art lessons for the graduating classes at a high school in Memmingen, Germany Topic: Exploration of color and shape
1995Private commissions
1999-2004Studio in Finning at Lake Ammer, Bavaria, Germany
2005Studio in Rodgau, Hesse, Germany
Seit 2010Living and working in Schüchtern, Hesse, Germany

I am searching for ways to express emotions, feelings, events, contrasts, unity and balance with the help of shape and color. I find inspiration in nature, my travels, encounters with people and in artists such as Ferdinand Gehr, Giovanni Segantini, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall and Paul Gaugin.